Weighing the Pros & Cons of Various Weight Loss Strategies

4 Dec

The prevalence of obesity in the UK has been 61.7% according to a public health report which was released in 2014. Out of this proportion of the population, 58% were females & 65% were males who came under the overweight or obese category. Out of this, 60% underwent the bariatric procedure as a treatment for the diagnosis of obesity. 76% of these were females & were in the age range of 35-54.

The UK has been recently tagged as the fattest nation in Europe ranking 23rd among the top obese countries all over the world, according to the UN figures declared in 2013. A strong correlation has also been found among the population in the UK with obesity & obesity-related cancers.

Dealing with Obesity

Obesity can well be dealt with by cutting out processed & artificial foods from our diets. Eating wholesome, natural, healthy foods & sticking to a regular regimen of physical activity. These two simple habits can go miles in helping us to maintain healthy lives as well as combating obesity.

At times, during the weight loss regime, one finds that the weight has reached a plateau & find it difficult to give it that boost to keep it going again. There are others who are morbidly obese and have already begun showing obesity-related complications in the body; they need immediate medical intervention. There are others also, who wish to shed accumulated fat mass from just a few areas in their body.

While eating right & exercising adequately shows slow, guaranteed & sustainable weight loss & health results, below are few other strategies of losing weight, which is supplemented well with diet & exercise, can enhance our weight loss considerably well.

Other Strategies Enhancing Weight Loss

  1. Bariatric Surgery

Pros: This is the most common option chosen for morbidly obese individuals who already are suffering from obesity-related complications and weight loss achieved through diet & exercise may be slow, so their complications may further worsen till then. Hence, drastic weight reduction is inevitable for them to prevent their health from deteriorating. They include surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric stapling, gastrectomy, etc. all of which decrease the volume of the stomach so that early satiety is achieved.

Cons: Bariatric surgery slashes the weight to almost half, but needs constant & close monitoring till the candidate maintains the achieved weight & no GI discomfort for a considerable period. There has to be lifelong diet & lifestyle modification to be done by the candidate. There have been cases of developing gallstones or nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting & nutritional deficiencies after undergoing bariatric surgery.

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure of liquefying fat mass and suctioning them out of the body through small incisions.

Pros: Liposuction indeed promises good body contours & reshaping of the body immediately after the procedure. It helps get rid of fat deposits in areas where fat mass are difficult to lose through diet & exercise. Also, help to treat lipomas (fatty tumours beneath skin)

Cons: It results in sagging, loose skin in the areas where the vast amounts of fat mass have been suctioned out. Swelling, pain & fluid discharge is quite common for ten days post procedure. It is not for treating obesity & does not bring about weight loss.

  1. Body Massage

A body massage involves kneading the skin, body tissues & muscles of various body parts. This process makes use of multiple oils & herbs which relaxes the nerves & muscles of the body.

Pros: The mechanical pressure on various body parts stimulates increased bodily circulation of blood, thus eliminating toxins from various tissues & supplying nutrients. Abdominal massage improves GI peristalsis & eliminating excess water & wastes from the colon. This plays a role in bringing down the water weight in the body.

Cons: It does not bring about any change in the fat deposits in the body, so fat mass remains same. Long-term weight loss cannot be achieved.

  1. Dietary & Herbal Supplements

Dietary or herbal supplements are formulations or extracts of natural, functional foods which have shown considerable results in enhancing weight loss, in conjunction with diet & exercise.

Ph 375 is an effective weight loss supplement which contains components that suppresses appetite & burns fat.

Pros: Supplements such as Ph 375 help to give a useful boost to the metabolism when the weight loss seems to have reached a plateau or when following optimum diet & exercise are falling short in efficiency.

Cons: Unregulated use & sole dependence on these supplements, without any regulation in diet or exercise, can have long-term adverse effects on health. Use is advisable under medical supervision.

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