Your Search For a Successful Weight Loss Aid Ends: Try PhenQ

4 Dec

phen375 uk diet pillsSeveral weight loss pills have been sold online, over-the-counter, without medical prescription, advertising the number of pounds they help in shedding rather than also making consumers aware of their side effects. Several of these pills contain ingredients which have adverse reactions in various vital organs of the body when taken in large doses. Without proper medical intervention, common people may go overboard with its consumption, hence several of the pills containing these ingredients as their main components were banned in the UK. For example, Meridia has now been banned in the UK due to their high content of sibutramine, which can affect heart rate & precipitate heart attacks.

It’s shocking that people are unable to weigh the gravity of consequences which may have to be faced later as a result of using such pills, in the name of gaining that perfect figure or shedding few pounds. These products are being successfully marketed online due to the vulnerable body images which people carry.

PhenQ – The History

The idea of producing PhenQ was conceived & inspired by the use of the drug Phentermine UK, but without the severe side effects which it bought along with its consumption. A weight loss supplement which would provide similar benefits like phentermine, but without any harmful side effects, was felt to be purchased in the market.

Hence, PhenQ has phentermine paired with other natural fat burning substances, which masks the ill effects of phentermine.

Main Components Of PhenQPH 375

  1. Capsaicin-1.12

Capsaicin is an active pigment extracted from chilli peppers (or capsicum) which causes a burning sensation & boosts metabolism. Capsaicin has found to be responsible for causing sustained fat oxidation during weight maintenance phase. They have also found to be thermogenic & suppress appetite.

  1. Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange)

It is a herb obtained from the bitter orange tree & its extract is used to aid in weight loss. It has won over the use of ephedra which was withdrawn, due to the health risks it posed. Bitter orange is thought to have the same thermogenic properties like ephedra, but sans the majority of the health risks of ephedra.

  1. Anhydrous Caffeine

Caffeine intake has found to increase thermogenesis, i.e. increase in metabolism & also increase fat oxidation, which can facilitate weight loss better through fat mass loss.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

Use of chromium picolinate has been found to decrease body fat percentage and also increase the basal metabolic rate. But these reports on chromium don’t have sound clinical evidence.

  1. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine acts as a fatty acid transporter in the body & facilitates fat oxidation during periods of intense physical activity. Hence, carnitine supplementation helps fat mass loss from the body, enhancing weight loss.

  1. Tongkat Ali

The extract of this plant’s root is found to increase testosterone levels & thus improve muscle growth among males & females. Moreover, it also helps to prevent glucose from getting converted to fat & increase fat deposits in the body; it facilitates extra glucose to be utilised.

Comparison Of PhenQ with Other Approved Weight Loss Pills in the UK


Weight Loss Supplements Fat Burning Metabolism Enhancer Appetite Suppressant Carbohydrate Blocking
Garcinia Cambogia Extra NO NO YES NO
Superfruit Slim YES YES NO NO
Raspberry Ketones UK YES YES NO NO

The majority of the main ingredients comprising of Superfruit Slim & Garcinia Cambogia Extract do not have sound clinical evidence backing their benefits for weight loss, even though they have an excellent rating as compared to PhenQ

Slim Bomb & Raspberry Ketones UK may have caffeine content way beyond which is tolerable for most people. PhenQ derives its properties from more than two natural ingredients which have better weight loss enhancing properties, majority ingredients have good clinical evidence backing, etc.

However, all weight loss supplements need to be assessed for their side effects with long-term use.

Hence, it becomes necessary to research deeply on the pills intended to be used & more so, to seek medical intervention for any medical ailments, before beginning to use them.

What Customers Opine About PhenQ

phen375 before and after

Quite a lot of customers have noticed good weight loss an average of 8 lbs loss in 6 weeks, but results may vary from person to person.

PhenQ is not the perfect solution for each & every individual, striving for weight loss. It has to be supplemented well with diet & exercise.

Customers do have complaints of mild dizziness, increased heart rate & blood pressure and inconsistency in sleeping patterns, but these symptoms are mild & may be observed in first few weeks.

Safety of the ingredients & legal support is main positives to give this product a try without being apprehensive.

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